Pedro Lopes da Mata


Degree in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon 1982.

Speciality in Sports Medicine from the University and title of Medical "Practice" from the Sarajevo Orthopaedics Clinic (former Yugoslavia) - 1985.

Assistant in Dermatology at the "Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Vaud" - Lausanne (Switzerland) - 1988.

Degree in "Docteur en Medicine" and specialty in Immuno- allergy from the University of Lausanne / Geneva "- Lausanne (Switzerland) – 1990.

Title of "Attaché en Pneumologie et Allergologie des Hôpitaux de Marseille" - France 1991

Specialist and Assistant in Immuno-allergy by the Civil Hospitals of Lisbon and by the Portuguese Order of Physicians (Ordem dos Médicos) - 1993

Paediatric Assistant of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon in 1996 and 1997.

Assistant Professor of Pathophysiology of the Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon - 1996 to 2004.

Founder and Clinical Director of the Clinical Institute of Allergy- 1995.

Member of the Board and Scientific Council of the "Center Bioclimatique de Recherche et d'Enseigment Universitaire" - France - since 2000

Member of the Board of Directors of ASIA (Association of Immuno-allergy Services) - since 2013.

Invited Professor in the Master's Degree in Respiratory System Pathology and in the Master's Degree in Sports Medicine since 2008.

Invited Professor of pneumology and- allergy at the Hospital-Universitaire de Béni-Messous - Alger, Algeria - since 2015

Senior Scientist from CIRPS (Centro Interuniversitário di Ricerca Per lo Sviluppo Sostenible) - Italy - since 2014.

Member of the Scientific Board and founder of the Euro-African Association of Allergology and Immunology Clinic - 2014

Member of the CAUT, Commission for the Therapeutic Use Authorization (Comissão de Autorização de Utilização Terapêutica).

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