The Germano de Sousa Group is today much more than a network of Clinical Pathology Laboratories. It is also a research center and a partner of all colleagues, with whom it shares clinical and technological knowledge in a wide variety of ways.

Our nuclei of excellence:

- Pre-Natal Diagnosis

> Combined Tracking 1st Quarter

> Combined Tracking 2nd Quarter

> Harmony Prenatal Test

> Karyotype of amniotic fluid and chorionic villi

- Precision Medicine

> Oncogenomics and Oncology Diagnostics (Serologic Markers, Genomic Markers in Tissue and Liquid Biopsies, HPV, PCa3)

> Pharmacogenomics

> Genetic Markers of Hereditary Neoplasms

> Oncological Prognosis

            (Endopredict and Prolaris)

- Studies of Dyslipidemias

> Lipid parameters and lipoproteins

> Identification and determination of LDL and HDL sub-fractions in patients at risk

- Study of Autoimmune Diseases

> Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rheumatoid Arthritis,

Scleroderma, etc.)

> Organ specific (Thyroiditis, Hepatic, Intestinal, etc.)

> Neurological Autoimmune Diseases

- Classical and molecular immunology (RAST / ISAC)

- Hemato-oncology

> Morphological examination of peripheral blood and bone marrow

> Flow cytometry

> Genetic studies

- Thrombophilia

            > Functional study

            > Genetic study

- Anomalies of sexual development

            > Hormonal studies

            > Chromosomal studies

            > Genetic studies

- Genetic markers of hereditary diseases

- Clinical Microbiology

> Bacterial and fungal identification by mass spectrometry (Maldi-Tof)

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